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Share to: Womier K66 66Key Tyce-C Wired RGB Backlit Gateron Switch Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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2. Model: K66
3. Color: White
4. Connection: USB
5. Size: 320 mm * 110 mm * 30 mm
6. Number of keys: 66key
7. Switch body: Gateron
8. Interface: Type - C
9. Lamplight: double zone RGB/ lower lamplight layout

1. Type-c USB3.1, data transmission speed can 40Gbps.
2. Compact, portable and easy to use, increase the independent direction key control.
3. Gateron Switch esports level mechanical Switch, to meet the player's hand.
4. Type-c USB3.1, data transmission speed can 40Gbps.
5. PMMA acrylic casting body, implicit and publicity. Glaze appearance, at the same time increase the surface of atomization treatment, more even light transmission.
6. Without built-in steel plate, experience mechanical feel.
7. Type-c USB3.1, data transmission speed can 40Gbps.
8. Plug and play, drive free setting, FN adjustment light effect, base and keyboard light effect control separately.
9. Built-in a variety of cool lighting mode optional choice, RGB color optional collocation, personality adjustment their favorite color.
Package included:

1 * Gateron Switch Mechanical Keyboard